The Legless Lizards Arcadia Project

The Legless Lizards present Arcadia, a multi-disciplinary art project that highlights/documents change in our local environment.

Our Arcadia projects usually take on one of the following formats:

  • The "Arcadia" Event/Performance - A light, sound and dance production which includes creatively blended visual projections projected over live music by The Legless Lizards and dancers. The performance draws attention to the changes to the local environment.
  • The "Dwelling People" Art Installation - A light and sound art installation which includes creatively blended visual projection for the duration of the art installation, with a heavier emphasis on collecting submissions of photos from the community for the purpose of inclusion into the projections which form the environmental/art installation.

The projected photos are made up from local people sharing photos of the natural flora and fauna, photos of historical significance, photos cataloging the conservation and the destruction of the natural area and photos of the transforming face of our environment.

Photos submitted range from simple happy snaps of people's backyards to serious photography of the sweeping grasslands and wildlife of the Western Volcanic Plains.

We usually receive hundreds of photos when we run the Arcadia event and endeavour to credit all photographers. The results are always fascinating as we blend uploaded mobile phone snaps with photos submitted by professional photographers.

Photos are uploaded via our photo upload page and then compiled and creatively presented as projections accompanied with sound and music throughout each performance or continuously in the case of installations.

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