Dwelling People – Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery

The Legless Lizards as part of Brimbank City Council’s “Light Up Sunshine” event are presenting an installation of Dwelling People at City Place in Sunshine, viewing from the 19th of February 2016 to 15 March 2016.

Dwelling People is a light and sound art installation comprising of slideshow projections for the duration of the art installation.

The Legless Lizards are now canvassing submissions of photos from the Brimbank community for the purpose of inclusion into the projections.

Please upload your photos by clicking here.


Set Logistics: Robert Jackson, Jagdeep Shergill

Calligraphy: Robert Jackson

Blend Movie concept and programming: Simon Bereux

Press Releases and Website programming: Simon Bereux

Sound Technician and Audio Editing: Jagdeep Shergill

Community & Media Liaison: Robert Jackson

Photography: Laila Fanebust, Jessica Gerger, Robert Jackson, Christine Thirkell, Yurika Bereux , Mary Akmo, Csilla Schild, Mary Akmo, Liz Dalgleish,
Lilith Armstrong, Adrian Gray, Peter Hinton, Dave White, Philippa Campbell, Matthew McKenzie, Michael Gooch, Brigid Courtney-Dunlop, Tania Reid, Vin Ryan, Toby Brodel, Paul Sargeant, Jaimie Harrison, Mary Panayiotou, Anne Beevers, Fina Po, Damien Armistead, Ben Hedditch, Leanne Azzopardi, Rainer Linz, Waranyut Suttisat, Carmel Pardy, Jacinta T, Linda Fry, Asif.

Music by The Legless Lizards: Robert Jackson, Jagdeep Shegill, Simon Bereux

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