Sacred Word

Sacred Word
The Legless Lizards opened the Sacred Word event at Club 303 on Saturday June 14th 2014.

Robert introduced us along the lines of: “Hi. We are the Legless Lizards, the band that worships the land.”

Songs performed:

  • Sea Of Grass
    A Legless Lizards composition that recollects the basalt plains of Melbourne’s Western suburbs pre-settlement. The areas west of the Maribyrnong River and stretching out to Geelong, Hamilton and beyond were essentially a sea of waist high, colourful wild flowers which prompted Hume and Hovell to make a diary entry along the lines that they had never been anywhere as beautiful in their worldly adventures.
  • Diuris
    A composition that celebrates the beauty of the endangered and rare Sunshine Orchard (Diuris Fragrentissima)

  • Lurking
    A dark, brooding piece with moments of ecstasy and salvation.

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