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Dwelling People – City Of Light, Spirit of Place

Everyone is invited to keep uploading photos of Sunshine and surrounding areas to be displayed in a special slideshow that runs until March 15th 2016.

Photos of the local landscape, environment, flora and fauna, backyards, and local community are all welcome.

Use the form below to upload a photo now.

If you need to share many photos you can upload them to our DropBox account. If you are a dropbox user you can share a complete folder of files with us by sharing the folder with:

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I acknowledge that I am the sole holder of all proprietary rights in the intellectual property and copyright of all content being uploaded.

I acknowledge and agree that the Legless Lizards band is permitted to use the content being uploaded for its performances, display on the Legless Lizards website and the band's social media channels.

I acknowledge that the band may not be able to use the uploaded photo, however if it is used, it will be credited to the above named photographer.

(Please be patient if uploading large photos. When successful a message will appear below.)

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